Do I have to Install anything?

NO we have a team of developers that will install everything. Everything will be setup and ready to start earning you money.

Can the site be translated to another language?


Can I make / Provide my own logo?


Can I allow others to post on the site?


How does the site make money?

We will put link and banner ad(s) on the website.

What percentage of the revenue do I get?

Our partnership program is 50/50

What all can I create on the website?

You or your website visitors can create stories,Memes, list, ask opinions, competitions, personality quiz, Triva quiz,polls, upload images, audio and videos,Gifs and more.

Will I have to create social media accounts?

Yes it’s highly recommended to have social media accounts.

Do I have to promote the website?

Once you start sharing your post on social media the will promote it self, but of course promoting the website is good.

Will the app be on Apple and android?


Do I already have to have a popular social page, group or profile? 

No, but having a popular social media will help alot.

Will I have to pay for hosting

No, we pay for all hosting fees.

Is it a maintenance fee?

No, we pay for all maintenance fees.

Is it a server fee?


Is It a Software development fee?

No, we pay the developers

Is it a setup fee?

No, Everything is free to get started.

Is it a design fee?

No, It’s all free

Is it a domain name fee?

We will provide you with a subdomain of Hobby.fund

Lets say if you want your name to be “YOURNAME” you will get a domain on our network that looks like this:


If you would like to use a “.com” web address or another extension you would have to register your domain name, we can link the subdomain name so It will be www.YOURNAME.com.


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